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Benefits Of Using A Dedicated Hosting Server

If you are currently canvassing on what options to use for web hosting service, then it is likely that you’ve stumbled upon dedicated server hosting. For sure, you are thinking as well if you are making a smart decision to go on this route or not. Your main goal at this phase is to understand exactly how it works and what exactly this service is. As what the name suggests, dedicated web hosting service is about hosting your website and no other sites share to it. A big number of sites on the other hand belongs to shared servers. Each of the hosting options of course comes with some merits and demerits.

Well in shared hosting, the most obvious benefit of going into this option is the low cost of service but for a lot of different businesses, there are things that are more important which should be taken into account. To give you an example, dedicated server is totally different in terms of the performance, storage, memory and so forth. For pages that are pulling in big volume of traffic or has lots of images or videos, shared hosting servers will probably be not enough.

Therefore, you might be asking yourself how you could determine if dedicated server is for you or not. As a matter of fact, I have cited situations that you can use as reference. You must use a dedicated server from the very beginning if your website demands you to have full control of the server and the way it performs as well. It’s fine to use shared server at first yes but, if you feel that you have to add more features like RAM, memory, bandwidth etc. then you probably go for dedicated hosting.

Furthermore, there are tons of benefits you can actually get by deciding to go for dedicated hosting servers.

Number 1. Maximum performance – the most notable advantage for choosing dedicated hosting is its outstanding performance. This is very important if you have a page that is requiring immense processes, which is also the same principle used if your page is generating thousands of visitors per day. Well, if you want to ensure that your site is always have efficient performance, then dedicated servers are what you should get.

Number 2. Increased reliability – shared servers are also vulnerable to crash and many other problems which you can easily avoid if you are on dedicated hosting site.

Number 3. Improved security – let’s face the fact that online security is a big concern for many businesses these days and this alone is enough for businesses to switch to dedicated servers.

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