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Louisiana State Bird in Danger

0 Comments 06 June 2010

Pelicans in Louisiiana Affected by Oil SpillWildlife has been vastly affected by the deadly oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In particular, pelicans are greatly troubled by the oil. Their feathers end up soaked in oil whenever they try to grab a fish. These birds were brought to the Louisiana bird rehabilitation center where they received aid from volunteers.

The number of birds needing help grew at a fast rate as the oil slowly edges towards their nesting and breeding grounds. Around 160 birds have already been rescued from the waters and have been cleansed at the center. If you do the math, approximately 3-4 birds are brought in everyday since the incident occurred 7 weeks ago. However, that is not the case here. 66 birds have been accounted to have arrived in the past two days. This is very alarming for the state of Louisiana especially since most of those birds are brown pelicans, their state bird. The brown pelican was recently taken off the endangered species list due to the citizen’s effort in restoring their population.

James Harris, one of the many who have devoted their time to restoring the brown pelican population, says that this incident would put all their work to waste. “This could be a major setback for that effort,” he says. Harris is a biologist working for the US-FWS or United States Fish and Wildlife Service and has been on this project for 20 years.

The center is devoted to saving these birds from the oil soaked waters of Louisiana and promises to do its best to take care of the semi-endangered species.

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