Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Options? This May Help

How to Make Your Cardboard Display Stand Out

In business, a countertop display that advertises your goods or services can create or destroy your success in this day and age due to the numerous distractions that people are faced with in their daily lives. There has been a significant shift in how people make purchase decisions. People can buy products and services online from any part of the world. Shoppers may not understand that they get attracted to cardboard screens because of certain features compared to others.

These are guidelines that we at Ravenshoe Packaging tell most of our clients when they come to make a purchase.

Clutter and Clean Display

When contemplating the different counter top displays, an easy thing most businesses do is combine several items so that they can attract a majority of potential customers. Even though it could be true that some audiences can be attracted to a variety of items, there are some that would be drawn to a pop countertop display with a simple arrangement that makes each piece stand out on its own and not cluttered altogether. Whatever someone’s preference may be, this should be your primary focus. Some people would rather see what a store offers from outside so that they enticed to enter inside while some feel like too much clutter confuses their eyes. It is up to you to decide which one you want to settle for, just make sure that it is bringing more people to your business.

Shape and Color

A lot of customers don’t know that shapes and colour combinations influence their buying decision. Some businesses also haven’t discovered the power of using the human psychology to their advantage. That being said, cardboard pop displays should be designed with this in mind and at the same time communicating a message. For example, if you are selling kids stuff, you want to put fun colours which will excite the children to prompt their parents to enter your store to discover more. Your display needs to work for you as a business by attracting people to your store.

Choose an Expert Designer

There are professional people with the expertise of planning your counter top displays to attract more people to your business. Click for info on how we as Rovenshoe Packaging can be of assistance. If your in-store team is having a hard time creating a beautiful display, contact us now, and we will gladly give you tips on how to do it. Your countertop display is the first place people look at even before they decide to interact with you. So it is a crucial process that shouldn’t be ignored. A seasoned professional is in the right position to do what’s best for your pop cardboard screen.