Taylor Lautner Flaunts His New Buffed Up Body

23 Comments 26 May 2009

Way to go, Taylor Lautner! I guess girls will really be flocking New Moon because they will be ogling at two hunky boys strut on the silver screen now!

Taylor Lutner New Body

Wow, in his interview with Access Hollywood, Taylor flaunted his six-pack abs and revealed that he put on 30 pounds to make his character Jacob Black more chunkier onscreen. Watch his interview below:

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23 Comments so far

  1. MysticalVampire1 says:

    xD ich hab des viedeo jezz schon 30 mal oder so angeschaut xD

  2. emyLjonas says:

    team lautner!!

  3. Shkuess says:

    dont we all?

  4. Shkuess says:

    Lol. thats true..

  5. bblbislocal says:

    is there even a team edward anymore? ***** that. team lautner:)

  6. AGirlLikeKrys says:

    Edward who?
    I’m sure there are going to be some people switching teams.

  7. btaficionado says:

    The **** is edward cullen jacobs in.

  8. TatiannaMarishJonas says:

    YEAH! I KNOW!!!!!!!

  9. xBonesAreBeautiful says:

    omg. he’s so so so cute!
    looks like one of my friend.

  10. popularism says:

    amen to that:P

  11. sweeetmelody9 says:

    i love taylor. =D

  12. UndERyoURsKIn says:

    Why didn’t teenage boys look like this when I was 17? Dear lord.. I’m going to need bail money if I ever run into him, so someone hook me up.

  13. JoBrosLuvr611xoxo says:

    in new moon edward leaves…so he’s out. and then bella goes to jacob-who’s in get it?

  14. JudgementsxReject says:

    The sole reason for going to see new moon.

  15. KeriTheGreat08 says:

    On nov. 20th, we’re all going to jail for statutory. Lol.

  16. JumpingHooves says:

    I know I dont blame you! I would just start like humping his leg like a dog!! xD hahaha lmfaoooo jk jk xD

  17. JumpingHooves says:

    hes effing sexyy!!
    omg i wanna feel his muscles!! ;) lmfaoo jk jk…no but seriously i do.. :D

  18. mrsgarza223 says:

    wow, he’s beautiful. (:

  19. xxCherry6xx says:

    Good lord, he is so hot!!!!

  20. SmooshyCookie says:

    ohh okie thnx

  21. R24xoxo says:

    me too! I think once Jacob cuts his hair I’ll love both of them(as in Tay n Jac).. h3h3..

  22. Get Ripped says:

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  23. kay kay says:

    I love Taylor lautner he is so hot with his abs his eye are so hot.

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