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Unusual Jewelry for Unusual Body Parts

Since mankind learned to dress; women have been adding jewelry to their wardrobes. You will always find one on either their necks, earlobes or wrists. Jewelry has the ability to bring excitement to an otherwise dull outfit, as well as communicating the level of style the wearer possesses. Some of them cannot imagine walking out of the house without any jewelry on. As fashion keeps changing, so does the access and design of these jewelry. In today’s world, jewelry is being worn on body parts previously not considered for such. If a body part was not good enough for wearing jewelry; the tune seems to have changed completely.
Necklaces are now being worn on the back. Despite how unusual that may sound, it is what is happening. After a while, most ladies can’t think of anything else to wear on their backs. Back necklaces compliment beautifully dresses or tops that have a plunging back neckline, which leaves the back mostly bare. The effect has been found to reflect well, just as the front does.
Your fingernails are now getting their jewelry. This does not mean the new finger polish that has some crystals on them, but actual jewel pieces for the fingernails, which resemble small caps. Their design caters to a wide range of tastes. Some of them can be used for defensive purposes, when they give off an aggressive and scary look.
Teeth now have their jewelry. They go by the name of grills. The most common characters who can be seen wearing them are the celebrities and those accustomed to the limelight. They are made from some expensive material, like silver, or gold. A grill that is dull defeats the whole purpose. Your teeth shall receive a lot of attention when you put them on.
The bicep has also been considered in the making of these new jewelry. This is especially for giving off a Roman feel. Those ladies who have been blessed with nicely sculpted arms can take advantage of this new trend and have them made. Ladies with lean arms look especially nice in them. These jewelry pieces have no other way to fasten except to fit snuggly, which makes any excess strain on the biceps a chance to injure the arm.
Your hips can also be bought jewelry for nowadays. This type of jewelry has a limited audience, as the wearer needs to be toned well for them to look good. They however have no place in an outfit that covers up the middle section of the body. They make your hips stand out, and are very sensual.
These form part of the new trend in jewelry wearing. The old conventions with regards to jewels have been disregarded. People have the freedom to choose how they will express themselves through their jewels. Any part of the body is open for experimentation. You will find examples of this jewelry when you click here.