How to Recognize Fake Forex Brokers

Forex investment is the largest financial industry in the world. Compared to other financial markets, the amount of money forex turnover is the largest. This is what makes forex into an investment that has many enthusiasts. For those of you who want to enter the world of forex trading, you must have a broker for more information please visit fxtrade777. The broker is the person who will help your investment. You could say the role of the broker is very important for this investment. For that, you must be careful in choosing a broker. Do not be fooled by fake brokers. Here is how to find a forex broker.


The main criterion of an official forex broker is to have regulation. Regulation is a license from a particular government agency. Regulation is a marker that a broker is official, operates legally and is under the supervision of relevant governmental agencies. The presence or absence of this regulation distinguishes whether the broker is genuine and fake

Website and Contacts are not Clear

To avoid a scam broker, you should do some research first. Start from their website or from their contacts. Professional and trusted broker websites are usually always updated, have clear content, and have a testimony column. The testimony column will be very useful to reveal the broker. If many testimonies from traders are positive, the broker is likely to be a trusted broker.

Office Addresses Offshore

Do not let you choose a broker who has an office or operates in an offshore country. Other remote countries that do not have a trusted regulatory body. It is clear that the offshore Country has no strict rules.

See Based On The Promo Offered

Promo is one way to get consumers. But many of the agencies that gave promo a hoax. Up to 30{9dca35c433c78ca9f4885825519874d492cdd998d4bbd6b91c464ad5f6a1ef93}, even 100{9dca35c433c78ca9f4885825519874d492cdd998d4bbd6b91c464ad5f6a1ef93}. If forex brokers are trusted, they will only offer promos that actually exist.

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