10 Amazing Tools Every Business Should Have

To boost your efficiency and allow yourself to focus on the essential tasks while you let technology do the rest, it’s important that you find out which tools are available that can aid you in achieving your business goals. If you decide to ignore these new tools that are out there, you can be sure many of your competitors will use these and you will lag behind. The more society shifts from working hard to working smart, the more it becomes essential for you to get to know these working strategies, both for your enjoyment and for your capacity to compete with others.

But in the internet era, there are so many business-oriented platforms, services and technologies, it is important to find curated content that can guide you towards the best tools to adopt or your work. For reviews on different tools and companies, you can head to BritainReviews to get read feedback from users who have already tried a company’s service or product and can help you make a decision. So to make things easier we selected 5 tools that your business can find useful:


WorldRemit was one of the first online money transfer startups to focus on mobile-to-mobile money transfer. WorldRemit has been 100{1b2a488ea3afcca321315547aa315eca26b010ed17707ae7b0b760c2a477a27a} cashless since the beginning. And for those who are receiving money, WorldRemit offers lot sof options like bank deposit, mobile money, mobile airtime top-up and cash collection. It currently has around 3 million users.


Slack is a modern proposal for team communication. Slack has many IRC features, including chat rooms organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging. Organized and shared content, including files, conversations, and people, which can all be searched for within Slack, and plenty of other features to simplify and make communication efficient.


Google made GSuite precisely for all types of operative business needs. With GSuite you can purchase a domain, track analytics of your web, have an email client, launch campaigns and more, for a very low price. It also allows for users to have all of their business needs in one platform, which can simplify plenty of operations. Google Workspace includes the usual Apps plus Currents for employee engagement, an Admin Panel helps manage users and services, and certain editions may also include the digital whiteboard Jamboard and phone service Voice.


Jira Software is great for teams looking to work very agile, capturing and organizing issues, assigning work and track team activity. The software is designed so Scrum, Kanban and hybrid models are all successful and useful for different kinds of projects.


SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of sales reps. SalesLoft helps coordinate emails, calls, meetings and customer interactions. It automatically tracks your tasks, activities and engagement data to your CRM, letting each part focus on their jobs. Teams can focus on selling, managers on coaching and leaders on strategy.

As remote work and virtual workplaces evolve, small business software and tools can empower your teams to achieve clearer results by keeping work organized and your teams in sync.