Cannabis for the Treatment of Epilepsy

What is epilepsy? many assume that epilepsy is a seizure disease, where seizures will be accompanied by saliva foam from the mouth. Like a poisoned person. Even though not all epilepsy experience such seizures. This epilepsy occurs because of a disturbance in the affected part of the brain, so these seizures will occur according to the seizures that occur as well.

This seizure in epilepsy is not a severe seizure like the one who is poisoned. However, seizures in epilepsy have different types. This still depends on which part is attacked by epilepsy. Seizures in epilepsy can occur in parts of the foot and it only occurs in the legs, or can even occur on the right side and it occurs only in the hands, as well as in the mouth and other organs. For more information, you can visit licensed producers canada.

Causes of epilepsy:

  • Disruption of brain signals
  • Head injury occurred
  • Genetic factors

That is the cause of epilepsy. Indeed epilepsy is caused by genetic factors, but that does not mean epilepsy is a hereditary disease. The genetic factor in question is the presence of the same gene so as to facilitate epileptic seizures that occur in their children. This epilepsy can be treated by doing therapy regularly. Actually, what are the things that can restore epilepsy, there are several things, but these things are not to cure epilepsy of the disease, but when epilepsy occurs, in the sense of reviving.

Epilepsy can be reduced in seizure levels by using several products that contain anti-epilepsy. So epilepsy can indeed reduce the effects of seizures using Anti Epilepsy drugs, among others.


Phenobarbital is a drug that can be used to relieve excessive activity in electricity that occurs in the brain. Epilation is a disease that occurs when there is an electrical activity that occurs in the brain.


This carba is indeed a drug that can reduce seizures, which is why it is very suitable to use for epilepsy drugs, the work of this drug is to restore and stabilize the work of the brain so that seizures will be difficult to occur in the brain.


This drug is used to prevent seizures that occur due to electrical activity. This electrical activity occurs in the brain. The work of this drug is the same as the drug listed in the previous number. It functions to stabilize the workings of the brain thereby reducing seizures.

Medical Marijuana

There are epilepsy drugs that have the active ingredient cannabidiol, which is found in marijuana. This drug treats two rare forms of epilepsy. Epilepsy causes the body to cramp. From research, cannabis and cannabis compounds in it can effectively treat seizures. there is some data that shows, marijuana can have anti-epileptic effects.