The Tricks of the Trade

Whenever someone asks me what I do for a living, and I tell them that I’m a magician, they never believe me. I guess I don’t have a look that just screams magician to some. Maybe if I walked around in a top hat and carried a magic wand all the time, people would see it. Of course, their disbelief gives me the perfect chance to use one of the business cards that I bought from I like to use the cards as part of an introductory magic act that will convince people to hire me for their events.

There are two tricks that I perform with the cards. One of them involves holding out a stack of the cards and having a person choose one of the cards and drawing a marking on it. I’ll then ask them to put the card back with the rest and shuffle the cards. I’ll then pick the card they marked on from the stack of cards and show it to them while they looked with amazement. That one is a bit of a variation of a classic trick that is usually done with playing cards, but it works well with business cards.

The second trick involves the person marking on a card, me tearing up the card, and then reassembling it without any sign that hit has been torn up. This one requires a bit more timing and sleight of hand to keep the person from seeing how the trick is done. After I do this one, people look everywhere to see what really happened to the card, but they still can’t figure out how I did the trick. A good magician never reveals how a trick is done, especially if they want to keep getting customers who will come back for more.