Why are Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Appropriate Options for Investment?


The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies was introduced to everyone with Bitcoin. Not more than 12 years exceeds the life of this emerging world. However, during this time, it was able to make a lot of noise. Many believe that world powers will stop the development of such revolutionary technology, while others say that governments will not stop any projects until they receive their own taxes and revenues. After all, the story of monetary and financial issues has always been important, and when it comes to the heads of large investors, one can see that the story is more serious than it seems.

Bitcoin used to be priced at 3 cents, and a few years later, it crossed $ 3, $ 30, $ 3,000 and $ 30,000. We know that this trend of price growth has not been linear. But, it is clear that such a project is on a long-term uptrend, and investors are always looking for this type of valuable asset. Join us to learn more about the value of investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The value of investing in blockchain technology

In general, when the advantages of a new technology outweigh the existing ones and factors such as security, privacy, and transparency are taken into account, it is unlikely that users and investors will not be interested in it. Blockchain is an information storage technology that differs significantly from current data storage systems in that it uses a “distributed” processing system. Information in a distributed system is processed and stored in a “decentralized” way, which means that the network is in the hands of its users.

The reason why people are so interested in using blockchain technology is that people have been experimenting with centralized systems for many years and know that centralized power is always fraught with abuse, extremism, and lies. Blockchain has provided a platform for various projects to offer their services in a new structure. The role of users in blockchain projects is no longer just as a consumer. Instead, they are now members of the project themselves and can be rewarded for providing services to the network.

Consider this example. In the Ethereum 2.0 project, which is in the early stages of launching, users announced their support of the network by “staking” a certain amount of the platform’s cryptocurrency, called “ether” (symbolically ETH), announced their support of the network. It is interesting to know that several times more than the minimum capital required to launch this phase, the ether currency has been sent to the relevant address so far. In addition, this amount and its profit are out of the reach of its owner for about two years. Why do you think there is such an interest in investing in a blockchain project? Ethereum, of course, has been around for years as a platform for implementing “Smart Contracts” and “Decentralized Applications” (DApps) and has been recognized as the second largest crypto market project.

This is just a small example of a valuable project among thousands of blockchain projects. If we look at the top of the Ethereum in the cryptocurrency rankings, we see the king of currencies. Bitcoin alone has been at the forefront of cryptocurrencies from the very beginning, so much so that the crypto market without Bitcoin seems meaningless to many.

According to Mohammad Hosseini, a trader and analyst of financial markets, you might think that the crypto market has grown too large and can no longer be profited by investing in it. This is a misconception. Some people said that the $ 20,000 price of Bitcoin in 2017 was a bubble, which was somewhat true, and in 2018, we saw the price of this Bitcoin fall along with the entire crypto market. The point is that this is just the beginning of blockchain technology. The crypto market cannot be compared to markets such as gold or Fiat currencies that exist over hundreds of years. The total value of the crypto market has just exceeded $ 1 trillion, while the value of daily trades in a market like Forex alone is more than $ 6.6 trillion.

Mohammad Hosseini believes, the cryptocurrency market is like a baby who has just learned to walk. This baby has to hit the ground over and over again to learn to run. We all know that the future belongs to that new generation, so we make a big mistake if we do not see this new market and its potential and miss the opportunity to invest in the future.

Bitcoin and Altcoins

If you ask a few ordinary people today about cryptocurrencies, they are unlikely to know projects like Uniswap or Cardano, but most likely they know Bitcoin. This shows why Bitcoin accounts for more than 60{1b2a488ea3afcca321315547aa315eca26b010ed17707ae7b0b760c2a477a27a} of the crypto market. Of course, many factors influence the value of a project, but Bitcoin has achieved this value in a harder way and in a way that paved the way for other projects.

Technology will always be evolving, and an investor should be aware of this. Bitcoin has been the first choice of crypto investors for years, and many veterans are still reluctant to try other projects. But the truth is that the crypto space has been very different since 10 years ago. It is true that even when the price of Bitcoin rises or falls, the Altcoins follow and are affected by it, but this dependence is declining and this can be deduced from the degree of “Bitcoin dominance in the market” (Bitcoin Dominance. Bitcoin was once the only cryptocurrency on the market and was traded only in Fiat currencies and had 100{1b2a488ea3afcca321315547aa315eca26b010ed17707ae7b0b760c2a477a27a} control over the market. Over time, with the advent of Altcoins such as Ethereum, Ripple, Light Coin, etc., Bitcoin dominance has diminished, and Altcoins fans predict that this downward trend will continue.

If investing in the crypto world is attractive to you, the most important factor in your success is to first learn enough about the blockchain. Many blockchain projects are, in fact, “Ponzi schemes” with only false claims.

If you increase your knowledge in the fields of Bitcoin, Ethereum, exchanges, etc., as well as related issues, you can identify which projects provide useful services and invest in them will be profitable. For example, you need to know why Bitcoin has reached this level of acceptance, why the Bitcoin network is secure, what services Ethereum offers, what services Uni-swap decentralized exchange (DEX) has, and how it differs from centralized exchanges, and things like that.

Types of investments in cryptocurrencies

There was a time when the only cryptocurrency was the Bitcoin market and the only way to get Bitcoin was through mining. After a few years, cryptocurrency exchanges were introduced and the possibility of exchanging Bitcoin and Altcoins was provided as well as with Fiat currencies. The easiest way is not always the best way. But in the case of cryptocurrencies, perhaps the best and easiest option for investing for ordinary people like you and me is to buy cryptocurrency from a reputable exchange.

They basically keep small amounts in exchange wallets and large amounts in hardware wallets or “cold wallets”. For long-term investment, proven currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can be used alongside new projects that have reached the top of the table. For instant price and comprehensive market information, you can visit the Kevin Market Cap site.

If you are interested in technical work, cryptocurrency extraction may be more interesting for you. Of course, if you have more capital, others will do the technical work for you! To extract, you must first select the desired cryptocurrency. There are many sites like Whattomine that can give you the information you need to extract the right currency and devices and power consumption and profit. Extraction requires the provision of suitable space, mining equipment, payment of electricity and many such details, and its cost-effectiveness is determined by the result of various factors and has its own risks.

Of course, there is another type of extraction called “cloud mining” in which you only give your capital to a company and they do all the work for you. So, it is natural that your profit will be less than before.

Trading is also one of the ways to invest in cryptocurrencies, and through it, you can benefit from currency price changes by buying and selling at different time intervals. Trading is a job as well as a professional investment method and only experienced and highly knowledgeable people can make a profit in the long run.

Concluding remarks

Blockchain technology and the new cryptocurrency market are at the forefront, and there are plenty of investment opportunities in this area. Some people believe that this field is not suitable for investment, price fluctuations are high, the technical points of the projects are not understood by the people, the market volume is small, there is price manipulation, etc. But, we have to keep in mind that these things are natural for the first years of a completely new market that uses very advanced technology.

Bitcoin can be a valuable asset in the investor portfolio, and in addition, good and profitable projects can be selected from among the coins in different time periods.

Finally, crypto investors may not have made as much profit as they expected in years like 2018 and 2019, and many may have left the market at a loss, but the real profit goes to those who consciously make decisions and wait until the seed that they are planted, sprout and grow.

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Summary: Blockchain technology was introduced to everyone with Bitcoin, and now that it is more than 10 years old, we see many projects in the form of cryptocurrencies, which have formed a large financial market called the cryptocurrency market. In this article, we talked about the value of investing in the cryptocurrency market. see the link below for more information: